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U South Foundation Funding Requests

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The U South Foundation provides funding to support Professional Development activities for all UA South faculty.

Request for funding can be made twice a year. Requests are reviewed by the Foundation Funding Request Committee (FFRC)

FFRC members

Barbara Citera, Associate Dean, Ex Officio
Chris Johnson, President-Elect, Faculty Forum
Etta Kralovec, Tenure/Tenure-eligible Representative
Ryan Straight, Non-Tenure-eligible Representative

Requests for funding are made at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. TheFFRC will announce the deadlines at the beginning of each semester.

If your travel takes place after one of these deadlines, you may submit a request in the following semester.

All requests must be made using the online form.

The Foundation will only accept professional development requests from the FFRC. The Foundation will not entertain independent requests for funding outside the guidelines of the process defined here and will not become involved in prioritizing grant requests among the Faculty.

The requested funding must:

  1. legitimately support the educational goals of the University of Arizona South
  2. reasonably reflect the expected costs of the activity. Receipts or other evidence of
    actual expense will be required, and routine Foundation check signing procedures will
    be used.


Faculty submitting the request must provide the following:

  1. Amount requested
  2. What the money will be used for
  3. What other funding sources have been explored
  4. How the requested funding advances the mission of UA South
  5. How the requested funding advances the faculty member's professional goals?

Funding Priority

Along with the impact of the funding on UA South’s mission and/or the professional development of the faculty, the following funding priorities will be used to decide the amount awarded.

  1. Professional Travel
    1. Flight
    2. Conference Fees/registration
    3. Hotel
    4. Other Travel expenses (rental car, meals, taxi, parking, personal vehicle mileage)
  2. PD Activities
    1. Professional Organization Dues
    2. Subscriptions to academic journals
    3. Workshops/Webinars/Training
  3. Adjunct Development and Support
    1. Workshop fees
    2. Fee-based Online conferences or meetings
    3. Meeting support (I.e. refreshments at a meeting)
    4. Travel


The following four faculty categories are eligible for Professional Development funds

  1. Tenured Faculty
  2. Tenure-eligible
  3. Non-tenure-eligible
  4. Adjunct Development

International Travel

Before considering funding for international travel, the applicant must provide documentation that he/she has applied for the UA Travel Grant through Global Initiatives []. The faculty memebr should provide a simple statement that his/her request has been declined or funding is not availave for that year.

Multiple Requests

Individual faculty may make multiple requests in a calendar year. However, they will receive lower priority than a faculty member who has not yet made a request.

Special Requests

If a request is made that is outside of these guidelines that the FFRC believes significantly
furthers UA South, special consideration may be made for these requests provided that supporting documentation is provided.

Excluded items

The funding will not be used to purchase books, teaching materials or other property.


Any questions regarding this process should be directed to the President-elect of the Faculty Forum, Chris Johnson at