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Student Services Fee Committee

Committee Information

Seven student members serve the Student Services Fee Committee, and are responsible for reviewing funding proposals. Six undergraduate students and one graduate and professional student serve the committee, representing the student body at large. The President of ASUAS is a voting member of the committee.

Five advisors also serve the board: an Adjunct Faculty Lecturer, the Business Director, the Student Services Fee Advisor, a Senior Advisor, and an Administration Representative. These members provide useful insight about the needs of the campus community by lending their expertise and services in executing board directives, and reporting noteworthy board developments back to their respective departments and constituents. The addition of these professional UAS staff strengthens the board by providing the necessary communication between students and administrators.

We are currently looking for new members for the SSF Committee! Please contact the Student Services Fee Coordinator.

Student Services Fee Committee Members

Student Members

  • Gabrielle Hodgin
  • Steve Norman
  • Karina Estrada
  • Victor Ocejo
  • Jacobo Escoboza
  • Christie Monreal

Advising Members

  • Chris Hilliard
  • Alan Aguirre
  • Chuck Smith

Student Services Department

  • Esther Henley, Student Services Fee Advisor
  • Sarah Wieland, Assistant Dean of Academic Advising and Student Services

SSF Committee Meetings

Meeting Date Minutes Agenda
April 30, 2019 Minutes Agenda
May 1, 2018
May 1, 2017 Minutes Agenda
April 14, 2016 Minutes Agenda
April 30, 2015 Minutes Agenda
April 29, 2014 Minutes Agenda
April 23, 2013 Minutes Agenda
December 6, 2012 Minutes Agenda
December 12, 2011 Minutes Agenda
April 28, 2011 Minutes Agenda
February 25, 2011 Minutes Agenda
November 11, 2010 Minutes Agenda
September 27, 2010 Minutes Agenda
May 18, 2010 Minutes Agenda
March 4, 2010 Minutes Agenda
May 18, 2010 Minutes Agenda