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Student Services Fee

Student Services Fee

What is it? The Student Services Fee was initiated in fall 2008 by the University of Arizona Student Governments in order to allow students to direct funding efforts to those areas identified as priorities by them – students themselves. Any University of Arizona South student, student organization or department may apply for funding to further enhance the educational experience of UAS students.To date, the fee has funded a broad variety of expanded services and programs for UA South students: A Career Fair was held on the Sierra Vista campus in March 2011 and our students were given the opportunity to work with a career specialist to review resumes and cover letters; and an All Campus Educational Scholarship was developed. Many other events, projects, and student employment opportunities have been funded by the UA South Student Services Fee.

UA South students themselves help determine where funds are directed, via comprehensive surveys issued each year. The Student Services Fee Committee (SSFC) recommends funding priorities. University oversight of the Board is provided through the office of the Director for Student Services, and procedures follow established University business procedures and policies. You may view documents from previous meetings on the Committee Information Page.

For questions please contact the Student Services Fee Coordinator

Main Campus Student Services Fee Information

Important Dates

Progress Reports are due every June and December 30th.
Progress Reports (including itemized Budgets) may be emailed to: Student Services Fee Coordinator

How to apply for funding:
Student Services Fee funds are available to all departments and units within UA South, and its purpose is to enhance the student experience at The University of Arizona South. Applicants for funding should be aware that the application form requires detailed information:

  • a comprehensive description of the program or position in question
  • a compelling demonstration of need
  • a budget
  • a goal-setting plan, including defining how goals will be measured

Download application

Branding and Signage

All funded services and programs are required to have proper signage and marketing materials. The Student Services Fee logo should be used in all related materials.


Each year, Student Services Fees releases a survey to the entire student body, asking students to rate their sense of satisfaction with the allocation of funding. Respondents are also asked to prioritize ways in which they would like to see their fee money used in the upcoming year. The annual survey sets the tone for board discussions and allocations.

Survey results are used to identify UA South students' top five funding priorities. Applicants must explain how their proposed programs and services address these priorities.


All proposals submitted for review to the Student Services Fee Committee can be viewed here.

Program Alteration Requests (PAR)

When fee recipients feel the need to alter spending on a program, they must submit a Program Alteration Request (PAR) to the board. The board will then deliberate on the request and advise the Director of Student Services on the actions they propose. Upon the Director's recommendation, the board sends a Memo to recipients informing them of the status of the PAR.

Please complete the PAR Form with the following information which is found in Part III, Section III of the Governing Documents.

III. Program Changes

As outlined in Part 3 §I, programs are funded based on the specific objectives in the program application. The SSF advisory committee may approve any significant deviation from these, considering:

  • Whether the proposed changes are consistent with the original intent of the proposal, i.e. in terms of student priorities addressed and impact.
  • The rationale for the request.
  • The current success of the program.
  • The additional benefits gained from the change.
  • The revised budget.

Allocation Reports

In an effort to be transparent, the board publishes a yearly Allocation Report. It is important to note that for the current fiscal year, the numbers are considered "budgeted numbers" and may represent salaries, ERE, and may be slightly different from those issued at the end of the year. This adjustment is minute and is absorbed by the "Reserve" portion of the fee. All past Allocation Reports are accurate.