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Student Life

Life at UA South is full of opportunities for growth and recreation. Don't miss out on all that you have outside of class! Being a college student can be stressful. Here at UA South, it is all about redefining you, and we want you to have the best college experience you can. Once you have been admitted, you are a member of ASUAS, and as a member you get to decide where your tuition dollars go and how you can best be served. You can do this by joining or starting a club, sitting on the Student Services Fees committee, or being a part of Student Government.

There are tons of things going on at campus. UA South has many early traditions such as the Celebration Sunrise, the Welcome Back Bash, and much more. Along with traditional activities, Student Government hosts special events in conjunction with the different communities that UA South resides in. There will always be a place where your talents are needed.

Student Organizations