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UA South's small campus atmosphere offers students the advantage of individualized instruction and support while also providing access to the resources of one of the top-ranked research universities in the nation.

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a Computer Science Emphasis is a degree that prepares students for careers in many industries including business management, manufacturing, aerospace, communications, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Students will develop necessary and transferable skills that include critical thinking, problem diagnosis, problem solving, computer skills and quantitative skills. These skills assist students when preparing for graduate programs or entering the job market.

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Mathematics is offered in the following locations: Sierra Vista

Because this is a transfer degree program, there are specific entrance requirements you must meet prior to admission to the program:

  • Completion of 60 or more transferable credits from a regionally accredited institution
  • Official or unofficial transcripts from all schools you have attended (UA South advisor will review these with you)
  • A minimum 2.0 GPA in your transferrable coursework
  • Completion of lower division major and minor requirements and any prerequisite classes

Please contact us if you have any questions and to receive a pre-transfer review of your previously taken coursework to ensure your eligibility and readiness for the program.

UA South maintains a variety of tools to help you plan your education. We include them here for your reference. To make a personalized plan for your UA South education, contact us!

UA Degree Search provides an overview of the Mathematics (Computer Science Emphasis) major, four year plans, transfer pathways, and career opportunities.

Transfer Pathway Agreements guide students who are earning specific community college degrees. AZ Transfer Pathways allow students to complete an Associate’s degree at any Arizona community college and transfer seamlessly into the Bachelor of Science degree at The University of Arizona South. Specifically, UA South has a partnership agreement with Cochise College for this pathway but students can also transfer from other institutions and should contact an academic advisor to find out how!

All prospective students are encouraged to speak with an academic advisor for an unofficial evaluation of their transfer credit, including military credits, to ensure the timely and cost efficient progress towards their Bachelor’s degree.

Academic Advisement Reports are the official degree audits for UA students once they have been admitted into their chosen major. The Mathematics (Computer Science Emphasis) report contains lists of applicable classes to be used to satisfy graduation requirements. Current UA students can access their personalized Advisement Report in UAccess Student Center under the Academics menu.

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Courses are based in theory with a strong focus on professional application. Courses in the major include:

  • MATV 323, Mathematical Reasoning & Writing

This course is an introduction to abstract mathematics and the use of mathematical language.  The course goals are: 

    • to introduce mathematical objects that appear throughout all of higher mathematics (e.g. set theory, functions, equivalence relations), and 
    • to gain proficiency with mathematical reasoning, particularly as it is used in mathematical discussion, arguments, and proofs.
    • Topics include elementary real analysis; elementary logic and quantifiers; manipulations with sets, relations and functions, including images and pre-images; properties of the real numbers; supremum and infimum; other topics selected from cardinality, the topology of the real line, sequence and limits of sequences and functions; the emphasis throughout is on proving theorems.  


  • MATV 415A, Introduction to Abstract Algebra

In this course you will learn the definitions and examples of algebraic systems which generalize many concepts in mathematics and are useful in cryptography, physics, and beyond. Topics include the study of groups, rings, and integral domains; the fundamental theorem of group homeomorphisms; subgroups, normal subgroups, and quotient groups; ideals and quotient rings; canonical types of groups such as cyclic groups and permutations; canonical types of rings such as polynomial rings and modular rings.  


  • MATV/CSCV 443 Theory of Graphs and Networks 

In this course you will explore mathematical graphs, which are loosely defined as the connection of nodes (or vertices).  Many objects in mathematics have graphs associated to them, which leads to many interesting applications of graphs within and beyond mathematics.  For example, you will learn in this class how to determine when there exists a school bus or snow-plow route which can reach all destinations exactly once.  

Topics include undirected and directed graphs, graph connectivity, circuits, trees, partitions, planarity, coloring problems, matrix methods, and applications in diverse disciplines.  These topics will be covered both intuitively and formally.  Students will be expected to demonstrate their understanding using proofs and algorithms.

Please contact an Academic Advisor if you are interested in this program.
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Minor Offered: Yes
Program Type: Bachelor of Science
Program Career Level: Undergraduate Degree
Locations Offered: Sierra Vista