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Honors Program at The University of Arizona South

The Honors Program is attainable through UA South providing the same robust Honors experience while offering you more flexibility in creating your own unique Honors curriculum through the use of Honors contracts. We encourage you to explore the Honors requirements and consider the opportunities the Honors College provides to prepare you for your future. Sample Honors contracts are available for guidance as is a database of former student theses. Click here to download the Fall 2018 Honors contract.

If you have any questions about your Honors experience, please feel free to contact any of the following Honors Contacts for UA South:

  • Associate Dean – Dr. Barbara Citera 520-626-2422 x.2130
  • Assistant Dean – Sarah Wieland 520-626-2422 x.2218
  • Honors College Success Counselor – Kailey Shill 520-621-4262
  • UA South Honors Advisor – Josette Miranda 520-626-2422 x.2125

University of Arizona Honors College Common Reading 2018-19

On Trails: An Exploration by Robert Moor


The Honors College Common Reading Program is designed to bring together incoming students around a common experience: reading an engaging book that will help you think about important ideas that will come up repeatedly during your first year (and probably throughout your whole life).

A group of Honors students enrolled in a one unit seminar course, HNRS 295R, read and reviewed numerous selections before choosing this book. They were excited about picking this book especially for you and hope that you will find the book as interesting as they did! For more information on the reading, please visit the Honors College website.

UA South Honors students can obtain a FREE copy of the common reading book at no charge by emailing Josette Miranda at

Spring 2018 SmartTalk SERIES

Join the Honors College for an opportunity to hear from prestigious UA faculty as they discuss their work. Honors students, faculty, and friends of the College are encouraged to attend in person or watch the SmartTalks online. Live streams can be found here:

Wednesday, January 31st
The Mighty Fruit Fly: How Fruit Flies Help us Study Disease
Honors student Matthew Chaung (Molecular and Cellular Biology) and Professor Daniela Zarnescu (Molecular and Cellular Biology)
12:00 - 1:00pm - SUMC Sabino Room

Thursday, February 8th
Filming a Modern Zoo

Honors student Marissa Rachel Heffernan (UA Journalism and Environmental Science) and Professor Carol Schwalbe
12:30 - 1:30pm - Tucson Room, Student Union

Tuesday, February 20th
Hip-hop is our ideology: Young people, urban identity, and political crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Honors student, Dino Kadich
12:30 - 1:30pm - Tucson Room, Student Union