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Elementary Education - Program Data

Elementary Education Program Data (2015-2016)

The Elementary Education Program is approved through the Arizona State Board of Education for teacher preparation leading to eligibility for a twelve-year, Professional Elementary (K-8) Teaching Certificate upon successful completion of the program. An Institutional Recommendation for Arizona certification is issued to 100% of program graduates.

Elementary Education Program:

  • Minimum GPA for Program Admission: 2.5
  • Median GPA of Students Entering the Program: 3.33
  • Minimum GPA required to successfully complete the program: 2.5
  • Median GPA of students completing the program: 3.86
  • Arizona Certification Exam Pass Rates:
    • NES Elementary Professional Knowledge: 100%
    • NES Elementary Subject Knowledge (Part I): 94%
    • NES Elementary Subject Knowledge (Part II): 88%

Title II Report:

The Title II of the Higher Education Act of 1965 requires states to report annually on key elements of their teacher preparation programs and requirements for initial teacher certification. Colleges and universities with state approved teacher preparation programs must annually collect and submit information to the U.S. Department of Education through their state departments of education. The purpose of the data is to provide Congress, aspiring teachers, the education community, researchers and policymakers, and the public with information that Congress has identified as important to a basic understanding of teacher preparation in the United States.

The report provides information on admission requirements, number of prospective teachers enrolled, demographic composition of enrollees, number of enrollees who successfully completed the program, certification assessment passing rates, enrollment trends, and narrative on program elements.

The link to the most current University of Arizona South Traditional Program Complete Report Card is below. Note that the report contains data for both the Elementary Education Program and traditional M.Ed. in Secondary Education Program.

Title II – University of Arizona South Traditional Program Complete Report Card