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UA South's small campus atmosphere offers students the advantage of individualized instruction and support while also providing access to the resources of one of the top-ranked research universities in the nation.

The Bachelor of Science in Commerce is for those wishing to enter the business world. This program can prepare students for careers in accounting, human resources, entrepreneurship, marketing, financial risk, sales, retail, financial management, banking, business communication and electronic commerce.

The Commerce program provides students with a complete overview of the business world rather than a focus on one aspect of business. Students learn the practice of buying, selling and producing goods; accounting and economics, strengthening management skills and many other relevant business practices.

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Commerce is offered in the following locations: Sierra Vista, Pima County, Douglas, Santa Cruz County, Yuma County

The Commerce program is designed for students transferring approximately 60 units from a regionally accredited institution. The program requires additional materials during the application process. The minimum entrance requirements include:

  • Minimum 2.75 GPA
  • Resume
  • Goal Statement
  • Preferred Pathway: Associate of Business from a regionally accredited institution

Please contact us if you have any questions about the transferability of your credits, you admissibility to the program, or the application process. For full application instructions, please visit

UA South maintains a variety of tools to help you plan your education. We include them here for your reference. To make a personalized plan for your UA South education, contact us!

UA Degree Search provides an overview of the Commerce major, four year plans, transfer pathways, and career opportunities.

Transfer Pathway Agreements guide students who are earning specific community college degrees. AZ Transfer Pathways allow students to complete an Associates of Applied Science degree at any Arizona community college and transfer seamlessly into the Bachelor of Applied Science degree at The University of Arizona South. Specifically, UA South has partnership agreements with Arizona Western College, Central Arizona College, Cochise College, Eastern Arizona College, the Maricopa Community College District, and Pima Community College. Students can also transfer from other institutions and should contact an academic advisor to find out how!

All prospective students are encouraged to speak with an academic advisor for an unofficial evaluation of their transfer credit, including military credits, to ensure the timely and cost efficient progress towards their Bachelor's degree.

Academic Advisement Reports are the official degree audits for UA students once they have been admitted into their chosen major. The Commerce report contains lists of applicable classes to be used to satisfy graduation requirements. Current UA students can access their personalized Advisement Report in UAccess Student Center under the Academics menu.

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Courses are based in theory with a strong focus on professional application. Courses in the major include:


  • RNCV 305, Human Behavior and Ethics in the Organizational System

Integration of classical and current organizational psychosocial theories and theories of organizations that provide an understanding of the effects that an organizational system has on the behavior choices of human beings in the work environment.


  • RNCV 315, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Growth Dynamics

An introduction for those who are interested in the process of creating and developing new products or services or who plan to start their own business. Entrepreneurship is not limited to creating new businesses. Many business ideas stem from new product development within an existing business organization; however, the dynamics of taking an idea to product development and profit-making remain the same. This course directly addresses the process of value creation and develops the fundamental business skills to identify, evaluate, develop and exploit market opportunities. Because many entrepreneurial ventures involve team-work, some assignments will be based on students collaborating on projects.


  • RNCV 418, The Socio-Political Environment of Commerce

This course will review the socio-political forces that impact on commerce and how commerce impacts the socio-political state in the United States and the world.

The Bachelor of Science in Commerce provides a complete overview of the business world rather than a focus on just one aspect of business, such as accounting or marketing. The knowledge of written and oral argumentation skills, decision-making, ethics, the theoretical components of commerce, behavior in the organizational environment, financial and economic systems, market planning, and technology systems gained from a major in Commerce forms a solid foundation for careers that need to coordinate, regulate, and manage employees and business processes. Graduates are well prepared to work in sales, retail, financial management, marketing, banking, business communication, and electronic commerce.

Potential Career Areas:

  • Sales
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Administration
  • Customer services
  • Banking
  • Financial management
  • Electronic commerce

Sample Employers

  • Banks
  • Research institutes
  • Retail stores
  • Insurance and credit companies
  • Marketing and investment companies
  • Transportation and logistics companies
  • Government agencies
  • Real estate agencies
  • Media and communications
  • Advising and consulting firms
  • Trading companies
  • Supply management companies
  • Manufacturing


Sample Job Titles and National Salary Ranges:


Job Title

Salary Range

Auditor and Accountant

$39,930 - $63,550

Banking Center Manager and Branch Manager

$59,630 - $109,740

Budget Analyst

$45,720 - $69,280

Construction Estimator

$34,520 - $58,860

Customer Service Manager

$26,000 - $49,000

Hotel/Resort Manager

$29,290 - $46,810

Human Resources Specialist

$32,770 - $55,800

Insurance Sales Agent

$26,120 - $48,150

Investment Fund Manager

$65,763 - $78,405

Labor Union Business Agent

$50,000 - $65,000

Loan Officer

$32,600 - $59,820

Management Analyst

$44,370 - $78,600

Market Research Analyst

$33,280 - $60,300

Operations Research Analyst

$40,550 - $72,100

Personal Financial Advisor

$32,280 - $67,520

Real Estate Sales Agent

$25,625 - $41,990

Sales Representative, Wholesale and Manufacturing

$37,270 - $74,970


Sources of Information:  United States Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics (2014); Facts on File: Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center (2014).

For more information about careers and assistance in making your career plans, contact Career Services:;

Please contact an Academic Advisor if you are interested in this program.
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Minor Offered: Thematic
Program Type: Bachelor of Science
Program Career Level: Undergraduate Degree
Locations Offered: Sierra Vista, Pima County, Douglas, Santa Cruz County, Yuma County

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