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Class Schedules

Your schedule at UA South defines your daily routine and challenges your time-management skills. UA South Faculty and Staff will work with you to create a schedule which is manageable and which allows you to reach your educational goals in as efficient a manner possible. Here are some resources which can help you get started working on your schedule.

UA South locally maintains an abbreviated schedule of classes which can be downloaded from the list below*.

These schedules are for reference only, and are subject to (very frequent) change. Be sure to talk to your advisor and check the official catalog before making your final scheduling decisions.

Current Class Schedules:

* Summer 2019 - 5W1
* Summer 2019 - 5W2
* Summer 2019 - 7W1
* Summer 2019 - 7W2
* Summer 2019 - 13W
* Fall 2019
* Fall 2019 - 1st 7 Week Session Schedule
* Fall 2019 - 2nd 7 Week Session Schedule
* Spring 2020
* Spring 2020 - 1st 7 Week Session Schedule
* Spring 2020 - 2nd 7 Week Session Schedule