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The University of Arizona South Business Office is responsible for collecting and submitting UA South Travel Related documents to FSO and ensuring compliance with University policies.
Any person driving a University or personal vehicle for business purpose MUST complete the Driver Registration and Motor Vehicle Record Check and must have a Travel Authorization form on file with the business office.
Blanket Travel Form  (click here to expand)

UA South requires eveyone to submit a Blanket Travel Form at the beginning of each fiscal year even if no travel is expected.  This Blanket Travel form will cover travel withing UA South sites ONLY.  Any travel outside of UA South sites will require a new Travel Authorization form.

What will a blanket travel form cover?

Blanket Travel Forms will cover general business travel that is to the SAME LOCATION for the SAME PURPOSE.  For example:

  • Travel to Main Campus for monthly meetings.
  • Travel to UA South to teach a class.

Most of the Blanket Travel Form has been filled out for you. You will need to fill out the following fields:

  • Date
  • Name
  • EmplID
  • Contact Name/Title (Your name or any person who can answer questions regarding your trip).
  • City, State Departing From
  • Duty Post

Blanket Travel Forms must be signed by your department supervisor.  Return original signed form in to the business office.


Travel within the U.S.  (click here to expand)

All travel must have a Travel Authorization (TA) form and Travel Expense Worksheet (TEW) on file. Anytime any employee, student or outside entity is traveling on University Business, a new TA form must be filed with the business office at least 2 weeks prior to the trip (30 days for international travel).

What travel should be pre-authorized?

All Travel on behalf of The University of Arizona must be pre-authorized, even if expenses will not be paid by the the university. This will ensure that:

  • Travel plans have been authorized by the appropriate departmental approving authority,
  • Funds are available,
  • The traveler can document their official travel status if needed for Risk Management purposes,
  • The travel has a legitimate business purpose; in the best interest of the university and
  • The travel meets the IRS Accountable Plan.

Visit the University of Arizona Travel Office Website for more information


Prior to the trip

  1. Gather all the information available in regards to your trip. Itinerary, agenda, flyers, brochures and anything that will contain information and dates for the event you would like to attend, submit this information with your TA and TEW.
  2. Fill out a Travel Authorization form and Travel Expense Worksheet
    • The TA form will contain all the information we need for your trip. Fill out the justification area with as much detail as possible, attach a separate sheet with additional details if necessary. Your justification should answer the following two questions:
      • Business purpose for this trip - be specific.
      • How does this expense benefit the University?
    • The Travel Expense Worksheet will show the breakdown of estimated expenses. Your request to travel will not be reviewed if this form is missing.
  3. You do not need to sign either of these forms as we DO NOT offer travel advances. Submit the TA and TEW in to your supervisor or your department designated person.
  4. Supervisor will review the information provided and will either approve or disapprove your travel and will specify a maximum reimburseable amount.

Travel Advances

  • UA South does not offer travel advances. Hotel, meals and transportation are reimbursable expenses.

What expenses will the UA South prepay?

  • Airfare
  • Conference Registration Fees

Things you should know before your trip


    • If your hotel offers a continental breakfast, you will not be reimbursed if you choose to purchase breakfast at another location.
    • If the event you are attending offers any complimentary meals, you will not be reimbursed for any meal you choose to pay for.
    • You will need to submit original, itemized receipts - No Exeptions. No receipt, no reimbursement!
    • You will be reimbursed up to the per diem rate as long as you have supporting receipts.
    • The University will not reimburse alcohol purchases.
    • Tipping - The University will reimburse up to 20% (before tax) gratuity. If you are in a large group, review your receipts. Many times, restaurants will automatically add gratuity for larger parties.  If you tip in excess, the amount will be deducted from your reimbursement.
    • You will only be reimbursed for YOUR own meals. If a receipt has multiple meals, circle the items that you consumed.


    • Maximum Reimbursement - You will be reimbursed up to the per diem rate for lodging. If your event designates a hotel that costs more than the per diem allowance, the designated hotel must be listed on your itinerary, agenda, flyer, event website or brochure.
    • Sharing a room - When lodging is shared by travelers on approved university travel status, reimbursement will be the total cost divided by the number of persons sharing a room, but the total of the two or more lodging receipts may not exceed the single room rate.   The travelers should request separate receipts when registering.
    • Other Room Charges - The University will not reimburse movie purchases, video game rentals or any other purchases charged to your room unless there is a business purpose for the added expense. You will need to justify the expense when submitting your receipts.


    • Coach Fare - UofA will not pay for first class airfare unless there is a valid medical or business need.
    • Airline receipts - When purchasing tickets via the internet, the confirmation or receipt must indicate the name, itinerary and that the tickets have been paid for.

Rental Vehicles

    • Rented or chartered vehicles may be used where other means of travel cannot be economically used if approved in advance by the department head. The use of such means must be explained on the Travel Authorization. 
    • Decline the collision damage insurance waiver (CDW) unless you are under 25 years old or are on foreign travel status. Losses below the deductible will be covered by State of Arizona self insurance. In the event of an accident follow the steps outlined in section 3.5b in the UA Fleet Safety Policy. Do not pay for the damages.
    • Gasoline: Travelers using rented vehicles may claim the actual cost of gasoline with receipts, but cannot claim mileage.  See the Receipt Requirement section for reimbursement requirements.

    Enterprise and National have extended a national contract to the University.  This contract allows reduced rates and other perks mentioned in this document.  When making your reservation, you MUST mention the University account number or use the link below to book your vehicle in order to receive the reduced rates and added benefits.

    RESERVE YOUR VEHICLE HERE - By using this link to make your reservation, you are ensuring you receive the best possible price and qualify for the added perks.


After your trip

See Travel Reimbursement Section (below)


Combining Personal Travel with Business Travel  (click here to expand)

If you plan on combining personal travel with your business travel plans, you must make a note of this on your Travel Authorization form.
You will also need to provide documentation detailing the cost of travel WITH personal days included and WITHOUT personal days included.   For example, when you print out your airfare cost, provide a cost with business travel days only and another with your personal travel days included.  If the cost is higher due to your personal travel days, you will have to pay the difference.

Reimbursement for vehicle rentals will be for those days in which you were on UA business.   If a vehicle is rented for a period longer than your business travel needs, your reimbursement will be prorated based on the number of days in which business was conducted.


International Travel  (click here to expand)

International Travel

Please visit the University of Arizona Global Initiatives website for complete information regarding International Travel


The goal of this policy is to maximize personal safety as well as compliance with applicable Federal and State regulations.


  1. Provide information, resources, and guidance to UA travelers to maximize their safety and health while traveling abroad
  2. Facilitate immediate access to data on the location of UA international travelers and to communicate rapidly with UA travelers to verify well-being and provide instructions or guidance if needed
  3. Evaluate applicability of state and federal regulatory requirements in advance of international travel to provide direction on compliance and avoid potential penalties including imprisonment and severe fines

Compliance is necessary to:

  • Receive reimbursement for travel expenses, if eligible
  • Be covered by applicable insurance programs during international travel
  • Receive UA academic credit for international coursework, if eligible
  • Receive available university assistance in the event of an emergency during international travel
  • Avoid significant personal fines and potential prison sentences, internationally
  • Avoid disciplinary action and/or limitations on future UA travel
  • Adhere to related applicable UA, state, and federal policies

Required Actions in Advance

Required Action Responsible area to process
Complete travel authorization form Traveler or designee
Employee travel authorization Department
Travel authorization review, coordination, and funding advance FSO-Operations
Travel Itinerary Registration Traveler or designee
Travel Warning Areas ITSOC/Provost
Advanced authorization for student travel as part of a UA program Study Abroad
Export Control Regulations UA Export Control Office
Defense Base Act Insurance SPS/ORCA/RM


Travel Reimbursement  (click here to expand)

Reimbursement After Travel

  • Complete a Travel Expense Report, itemizing expenses and per diem claims for each day.
  • Gather all your original receipts and turn them in to the business office within 10 days after the completion of a trip
  • Any reimbursements become taxable after 90 days. Do not wait until the last minute to turn in your receipts. Your paperwork may take several weeks before it's finalized.
  • If you do not turn in original receipts but provide a copy,  this expense becomes taxable.
  • Receipts made out to someone other than the traveler will require an original signed statement, from the person paying the expense, approving the University to reimburse the traveler for that expense on their behalf. Traveler may also submit a copy of their bank statement showing the expense was paid by the traveler.
  • For receipt information see the Receipt Requirement section.

Mileage Reimbursement  (click here to expand)

Mileage Reimbursement


Transportation Policy & Procedure for privately owned vehicles and mileage (Revised 10/30/2015)

Mileage Policies


 If an employee is unsure whether a trip is reimbursable or not,  it is their responsibility to contact the business office with questions and get supervisor approval prior to all travel. Supervisors can disapprove travel reimbursement at their discretion.



Procedure for requesting mileage reimbursement:

Fill out a Travel Expense Report.  This form allows for 6 travel days.   If you have more than 6 travel days to report, you must use a travel expense report addendum, attach supporting documentation for each travel date.

    • Fill out the Traveler & Department Information Section.
    • Fill out the Travel Order Section.
    • Enter your travel information in the Employee Travel Expense Claim Section.
    • If you are reporting more than 6 travel days, report all travel information on the addendum ONLY. 
    • Transfer the totals from the addendum in to the first line on the Travel Expense Report.  In the description field, enter "See Attached"
    • Submit a MapQuest printout that shows the distance traveled for each location.  If you have multiple trips to ONE location, only one printout is needed.
    • Supporting documentation for each trip must be provided (flyer, agenda, brochure, email containing event details).

Sign the Travel Expense Report, return original signed form and supporting documentation to:

Staff, mail original travel paperwork and supporting documentation to:

UA South Business Office
Attn: Travel
1140 Colombo Ave
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

Faculty and adjunct, mail original travel paperwork and supporting documentation to:

UA South
Attn: Deb Hoeft
1140 Colombo Ave
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635


Rental Vehicles  (click here to expand)

In order to rent a vehicle you must:

1. Have a justified business need. Renting a vehicle for convenience is not a reimbursable expense. A memo with a detailed justification must be turned in along with a Travel Authorization form.

2. Expense must be pre-approved by the traveler's supervisor and business office.

3. You must use Enterprise and provide them with the University's contract number (contact the business office for this information). Failing to use Enterprise will cost the traveler fees above our contracted rate.


Travel FAQ  (click here to expand)

What travel is reimbursable?

Another UA South Campus is having a birthday party for an employee,  can I drive a UA vehicle or can I get reimbursed?

UAS Student Government is hosting a welcome back bash for students,  can I request reimbursement or use a University vehicle?

Can the PCard be used to buy meals while traveling?

I am traveling to Tucson for a meeting, will I be reimbursed for my meals?

I lost my original receipt but I have a photocopy,  can I still get reimbursed?

Can I use a Blanket Travel Form for same training in multiple cities?

What if Main Campus tells me something different?

I'm traveling overnight to attend a conference, can I take a University vehicle?

A family member is dropping me off at the airport, can I claim round trip mileage? While my family member dropped me off at the airport he/she had to park to help me unload, can I claim reimbursement for the parking expense for that time?

A family member is driving me to the airport and will park the vehicle to accompany me to the terminal, can I claim reimbursement for the parking fee he/she will incur during this time?

What travel is reimbursable?

  • Reimbursable travel is travel in which UA business was conducted.  All travel requires prior supervisor approval.

Another UA South Campus is having a birthday party for an employee,  can I drive a UA vehicle or can I get reimbursed?

  • NO. UA Vehicles cannot be used to attend birthday parties and reimbursement is not allowable.

UAS Student Government is hosting a welcome back bash for students,  can I request reimbursement or use a University vehicle?

  • NO, you may not request reimbursement. Although this is a UA South sponsored event, it is not mandatory attendance and UA business will not be conducted so you will not be reimbursed.
  • You may use a University vehicle only if you are directly involved in the setup or function for this event. 

Can the PCard be used to buy meals while traveling?

  • NO.  Meals while on travel status should be processed using a Travel Expense Report after your trip.

I am traveling to Tucson for a meeting, will I be reimbursed for my meals?

  • No. This is considered a temporary duty post.  The only time you qualify for meal reimbursement is during overnight travel. 

I lost my original receipt but I have a photocopy,  can I still get reimbursed.

  • Yes, however, this expense will be taxed.

Can I use a Blanket Travel Form for training in multiple cities?

  • NO,  blanket travel forms are only for travel to the same location for the same purpose.  A unique Travel Authorization form is required for each location, even if the travel is for the same purpose.

What if Main Campus tells me something different?

  • UA South sets forth policies as required by Main Campus; however, some UA South policies will differ from Main Campus policies.  As a UA South employee,  you must adhere to UA South policies and procedures.

I'm traveling overnight to attend a conference.  Can I take a University vehcile?

  • You MAY travel overnight in a University vehicle if the following are true:
    • You will be spending the night in a hotel, you may NOT park the vehicle in a private residence
    • You are traveling IN STATE
    • The vehicle is available for all days
    • The absense of the vehicle will not interfere with regular University travel

A family member is dropping me off at the airport, can I claim round trip mileage since the vehicle will be used to and from the airport?

  • No, we can only reimburse for the travel in which the employee was in the vehicle all other travel will be at the drivers expense.

A family member is driving me to the airport and will park the vehicle to accompany me to the terminal, can I claim reimbursement for the parking fee he/she will incur during this time?

  • No, this expense is considered a personal expense to the driver of the vehicle.




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