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PCard Policies  (click here to expand)

Purchasing Card Policies Manual


1.0 Introduction

2.0 Requirements of Program

3.0 Purchasing Card Process Overview

4.0 Documentation Requirements for FSO

5.0 Types of PCards

6.0 Card Enhancements

7.0 PCard Specifications

8.0 Transactions for Goods/Services

9.0 Reconciliation and Fiscal Officer Approval

10.0 Disputable Transactions

11.0 Fraudulent Transactions

12.0 Sales Tax Information

13.0 Phone & Internet Ordering Information

14.0 Compliance

15.0 Activating / Renewing / Cancellation of PCards

16.0 Program Resource Links


PCard Home (Main Campus)

PCARD Allowable Travel Expenses  (click here to expand)

PCard allowable travel purchases

  • Travel Insurance is NOT allowed on PCards
  • Conference Registration

Unallowable PCard purchases during travel

  • Meals
  • Hotel
PCard Holder Responsibilities  (click here to expand)

Turning in proper paperwork

Submission Deadlines

Reason why your PCard paperwork will be returned

Setting up Email notification for charges posting against your PCard

Making a purchase for others

Effective May 14, 2013  if a charge on your PCard Auto-Approves (is not reconciled, due to lack of proper paperwork being submitted in a timely manner by you) in the UAccess Financials system your PCard will be suspended for 60 days.  After 3 Auto-Approvals your PCard will be cancelled indefinitely.  

Your PCard Assignment is a Privilege that comes with responsibility and accountability.

One of those responsibilities is submitting the proper paperwork correct, complete, and on time, within 3 days of purchase. The PCard office requires that the charge in UAccess Financials be reconciled with the original forms and receipts within 14 days of the transaction.  If the original paperwork is not received and the charge is not reconciled prior to that 14th day, the charge will auto-approve in the UAccess Financials system which could be considered an audit violation on your card and on our department.

Part of that responsibility is to become familiar with your action list in UAccess Financials and you review it on a regular basis. All transactions created on your PCard are shown in your action list. Nobody else can see your action list in their UAccess Financials. This is also a good way for you to see if there are any fraudulent charges that show up on your card, so they can be handled immediately. I have attached instructions on how to sign in and find your action list in UAccess Financials.  I will no longer be sending email reminders that your PCard paperwork has not yet been submitted.

Main campus is also starting to scrutinize all PCard transactions so it’s important that you start detailing all of your purchases with as much information as possible otherwise you will receive a request from Main Campus for more information. This is just the beginning,  there are more to come.   If you want to avoid having to answer these questions in the future, please make sure you attach as much supporting documentation as possible and in your justification, make sure you detail WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE AND WHY.    Most importantly, how does that expenditure benefit the U of A.


Reasons PCard paperwork will be returned


  • Wrong forms submitted
  • Forms not completed/incorrect
  • Missing forms or back up documentation
  • Missing or incomplete description or explanation for the purchase
  • Forms do not match receipt
  • Receipt not legible
  • Word/numbers taped over on receipt
  • Receipt is not itemized or detailed, showing each item purchased
  • Receipt printed from an online order does not have detail, date purchased, dollar amounts
  • Packing slips are used as a receipt (No packing slip will be accepted as a receipt)


There are settings in UAccess Financials so that pcard holders can receive email notifications when a charge hits their card. This will also help you know if a charge has been divided into multiple transactions or hit the card as just one transaction.


You will each need to log into UAccess Financials and change a couple of settings for you to receive these email notifications, below are step-by-step instructions on how to get to and change the settings to receive these emails. We highly encourage each of you to take a few minutes to go in and change these settings so that you will automatically be notified that a charge has hit your pcard.




Log into UAccess Financials (same login as UAccess Employee)

Click on Action List (upper left corner)

UAccess Financials Actions List

Click on Preferences (upper right corner)

UAccess Notification Preferences

Under the General section, 3rd line, email notifications – choose Immediate

Email Notifications Settings - Immediate Notification

Make sure the 4th line is checked for “Receive Primary Delegate Emails”

Primary delegate for email notifications

Scroll to the bottom and Save

Save changes


That’s it!


A few answers to some anticipated questions…


  • No, you cannot have your email notifications go to someone else. They will come to you only.
  • No, someone else cannot change the settings for you, it must be under your login. It is against policy to give out your UAccess login and password.
  • These emails will go to your university email only, because that is the email linked to your net id (of course unless you have other set ups for your university account to add to your gmail or other email accounts as I know some do)
  • These emails are only going to give you basic information, such as transaction date and amount of charge. The system cannot tell what you bought.
  • The amount on the email is the amount that hit your card. The PCard forms and receipts MUST match that amount. If the amount on your receipt or forms is different, then you must contact the vendor that charged your card. (This is common with Amazon order confirmations.)
  • If the charges in the email notifications are divided up from one order, that is how we need the PCard forms completed. One set of forms and receipt for each transaction.





If someone asks you to buy something using your Pcard, be sure that it is an allowable and approved charge before you make the purchase.


You are responsible for every charge on your card, therefore if a purchase made for someone else is not an allowable or approved charge, you are responsible for reimbursing the University for that expense.


You are also responsible for submitting all of the proper paperwork on time for these charges. If the proper paperwork is not submitted correctly and on time, it is your card that will be suspended.


Please contact the Business Office if you have any questions.



Requesting a PCard  (click here to expand)

Steps for obtaining a PCard

  1. Supervisor must fill out a PCard Individual Application

  2. Employee must:
  3. Supervisor will turn in the original, signed PCard Application along with a copy of the PCard test results to Delia Rubio in the business office.

  4. PCard can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks before arrival.

Making Changes to PCard Limits and Enhancements

  1. Supervisor must fill out a PCard Change Form
  2. Sign
  3. Submit original form to Delia Rubio, UA South Business Office

Delete PCard

  1. Fill out a PCard Delete Form and return to the Business Office
PCard Purchase Procedures  (click here to expand)

1.  Determine if purchase is allowable

Some items (personal items, gasoline for personal vehicle, hotels, FEDEX) are not allowed on PCards.
Familiarize yourself with the chart of restrictions/limitations.
Not knowing is not an excuse, you will have a violation against you and you risk losing your PCard priviledge indefinitely.

2.  Request approval to make purchase

All purchases have to be pre-approved by your department supervisor.   Any purchase made without prior approval must be paid back in full and you will receive a PCard violation.

3. Fill out

Completely fill out the top half of the form then continue to the itemized section of the form.

Break down items by category.


Categorizing Purchase

For example, if you purchased office supplies and a keyboard on the same transaction, total all the office supplies and enter the total on its own line.  Enter the keyboard on another line. The line item containing the office supplies will use object code 5230 and the line item containing the keyboard will use object code 5760.  Be sure to enter the tax.

This is how the PCard Purchase Form should be filled out:  (Reference the receipt above)

Categorizing PCard Purchase

Break down items by SITE.  If you purchased 3 items that will be distributed between 3 sites,  you must list each item on its own line with the location where the item will be used.

In the image below,  4 stamps were purchased.   Each stamp was purchased for a different location. 

Breakdown by location


This is how the PCard Purchase Form should be filled out when purchasing for multiple locations.  (Reference the receipt above)

Site Purchase Breakdown


For help determining what object code to use,  download this Object Code spreadsheet.  This file contains the most commonly purchased items.  You can also refer to the FSO website for a list of object codes and descriptions.

4.  Staple receipts to PCard Purchase Form

We now require the receipts be stapled and not taped.

5.  Return original itemized receipt and PCard Purchase form in to Delia Rubio, SV Business Office

PCard Violations (Personal Purchase, Unauthorized Purchase)  (click here to expand)

If you inadvertently use your PCard when making a personal purchase, you must first try to get a credit from the vendor.  If a credit is not possible, you must fill out a PCard Self Violation Form.

Contact Delia Rubio for further instructions.

Below is a small list of some PCard purchase violations,  familiarize yourself with the chart of restrictions/limitations in order to avoid purchase violations.

  • Food for personal consumption.
  • Personal items.
  • FEDEX - we have a fedex account in which we receive huge savings. Using your PCard will be costly to UA South so we have added FEDEX charges as a PCard purchase violation.
  • Hotels.
  • Gasoline for personal vehicles.
Setting Up PCard Purchase Email Notification & Reviwing your Actions List  (click here to expand)

When you set up your email notifications, you will receive an email anytime a charge posts against your PCard.  This is a great way to immediately identify fraudulent charges.   

To set up your email notifications, log into UA Financials

Click on Preferences


Select Receive Primary Delegates Emails

- Make sure to scroll to the bottom and click SAVE


Your PCard is YOUR responsibility and you must care for it as you would your own.   Every charge on a PCard is the PCard holder responsibility.

Everytime a charge is posted,  a notice is created in financials and requires the PCard user to review the transaction in order to make sure that the charges hitting the card are in fact charges made by the PCard holder.   This is the best method to quickly identify fraudulent charges.

It is a good idea to check your actions list daily.   To check your actions list, you will need to go into UA Financials.

Click on the upper left tab labeled "Actions List"

Actions List

Review the charges that have posted against your PCard.  If all charges are legit, open the drop down menu in the actions column and select FYI then click the button on the "take action" button on the bottom to remove the charge from your list.

Take Action

Looking up past PCard Purchases  (click here to expand)

Sometimes, it will be necessary to pull up old PCard purchase documents.   In order to review previous PCard purchases you will need to log into UA Financials.

Scroll to the left bottom box labeled "Custom Searches" and click on Procurement Card



Enter the last 4 numbers of the PCard you are inquiring about AND organization code "2910" then click search


Your results will be displayed in rows of 100 results.  Once you find the document you are searching for, click on the document number for that document

The results for that document will open up in a separate tab.  Scroll to the notes and attachment area near the bottom of the electronic document and click on the paper clip icon - this will download the PCard paperwork that was turned in for this charge.



PCard Missing Receipt Guidelines (click here to expand)

PCard Missing Receipt

Form Information and Tips for Completing Form

Opening Statements: Read carefully. Repeated use of the form as a substitute for a receipt may result in suspension or cancellation of the PCard.

Why is the receipt missing? Provide a detailed explanation of the reasons the receipt is missing.

What attempts have been made to request a duplicate receipt from the merchant? Include names, dates, phones numbers or emails used in requesting documentation from the merchant. Most merchants can easily print a duplicate if the request is timely. If duplicate invoice is not available, then fill out the Missing Receipt form. Be sure to include all this documentation and information with the Missing Receipt form.

Itemize the purchase: Provide a detailed description and price for each item purchased. This information is very important and may be verified with the merchant.

Signatures: The responsible Cardholder, Liaison, and Department Head are required to sign this form. These signatures cannot be delegated and will be verified.


PCard FAQ (click here to expand)

Q.  Why are some PCard purchases a violation for UA South but not Main Campus

A.  UA South tries to set restrictions on PCard purchases when there are other methods of purchase that will be less costly to the University.



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