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The University of Arizona South Business Office is the administrative support unit for financial and personnel matters for all UA South departments. In this role the office staff review all transactions in a timely manner, and ensure documents concur with established university policies and procedures. The business office staff provides assistance and advice to the University of Arizona South staff and faculty.

The University of Arizona South's Business Office website directs staff and faculty to relevant university policies and procedures for financial and personnel matters. It provides assistance for common transactions and dilemmas. All relevant UA policy and procedural manuals are available online and should be consulted for the most current policies.

Notice:   The University of Arizona South business office requires that all UA South employees agree to abide by the policies set by the UA South business office. Unless a policy is mandated to be implemented by the main campus, UA South business will be conducted under the policies set forth by the UA South business office. If you have questions about specific policies, please feel free to contact the business office at: uasbo@email.arizona.edu



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