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The Associated Students of The University of Arizona South (ASUAS) works to enhance the quality of student life at UA South through academics, activities, community involvement, clubs and organizations, service, and advocating for students. The executive board represents the student voice in the discussions and decisions that shape all aspects of Wildcat life at UA South, both academically and socially.

The University of Arizona South Student Government exists to foster and enhance communications between the student body and the University community; to provide a forum for discussing and defining the role of students in the University; to represent and advocate their concerns within the University community and statewide; to serve as a resource for student inquiries and requests; to advise and make recommendations on existing and proposed University policies and procedures.

We are hiring for the 2017-2018 school year. Information here.

ASUAS Executive Board

ASUAS President - Clinton Lee

ASUAS President - Clinton Lee

I was born and raised in Sierra Vista. In my early twenties I went to college and became a paramedic and branched out into entrepreneurship. Filled with a since of wanderlust and surrounded by uncontrollable circumstances started sailing the world as a captain of my own ship. After traveling to as many corners of the world as I could manage I found a new journey that would bring me back home: to become a teacher and help others discover their own passions in life.

Executive Vice President - Jake Buntin

ASUAS Executive Vice President - Jacob "Jake" Buntin

Jake is a junior at UA South pursuing a degree in Intelligence Studies. He is a veteran of the United States Coast Guard. During his time in the Coast Guard he was stationed in Hawaii and New York. He credits the Coast Guard for driving him to return to college and earn his degree.

He is passionate about the San Francisco Giants, and enjoys attending UofA baseball games during their season. Jake is also passionate about protecting the rights and security of the citizens of the United States. He hopes to return to public service after graduating from UA South.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for Jake you are encouraged to contact him at

Treasurer - Sharon Christie

ASUAS Treasurer - Sharon Christie

I am currently a Senior pursuing a degree in Psychology, I plan to become a counselor in the near future.

I became interested in Student Government because it grants us the valuable opportunity to be a voice for all students.

I live in Douglas with my husband, daughter and pets. My interests include DIY projects, regional history, math, documentaries and volunteer work.

Being a Wildcat is a dream come true for me! I encourage all alumni to spread the word about the excellent educational opportunities available at UA South.

Suggestions, concerns, comments or ideas? don't hesitate to contact me at:

ASUAS Administrative Assistant - Steve Norman

Steve is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science degree within the Regional Commerce field. He has worked in the retail industry for nearly thirty years and is looking to move into either the small business or the economics fields after graduation. He lives in Marana just north of the Tucson area and works in the retail industry in the community where he lives. He has been a student of UA South for a year now and feels the flexibility in class offerings and scheduling works well for a lot of the students. In addition to Gamma Beta Phi, Steve is the administrative assistant on the ASUAS student government leadership team. With his involvement in these groups he is looking for ways to improve the student experience as well as looking for changes that the students feel are in their best interests. His hobbies include playing golf, sports memorabilia collecting and spending time with family.

ASUAS Constitution

ASUAS Bylaws

ASUAS Executive Meeting Agenda

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ASUAS Executive Meeting Minutes

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