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The University of Arizona South welcomes applications for admission from all individuals who meet the university qualifications. UA South offers courses at the junior, senior, and graduate levels. Please contact an advisor at one of the UA South locations: Sierra Vista, Douglas, Nogales, Tucson.

Students interested in attending The University of Arizona as freshmen or sophomores should contact the main campus Office of Admissions.

The University of Arizona South, or UA South, is the branch campus of the University of Arizona. UA South offers upper division courses and programs offered Online and at UA Douglas, UA Santa Cruz, UA Pinal, UA Sierra Vista, some Pima Community College campuses (Tucson), and the UA Science and Tech Park (Tucson). UA South has unique degree programs but also offers degrees in cooperation with the Colleges of Humanities, Science, Agriculture/Life Sciences, and Social/Behavioral Sciences. To begin the application process, please contact an advisor at one of the UA South locations.

Applications cannot be processed until they are complete.

Step 1

Contact a UA South Academic Advisor

Your Academic Advisor will evaluate your unofficial transcripts to determine that you meet the eligibility requirements for the academic program of your choice. Your advisor will work with you to help you strengthen your admissibility to our academic programs and guide you through the admission process.


Step 2

Complete your application

Complete the UA Transfer Application to the UA South campus and pay the application fee. Create or log in to your UA Future accound to track your application status.

The Bachelor of Applied Science, Commerce, and Elementary Education programs require the submission of additional materials during the application process including a resume and goal statement. Elementary Education applicants require recommendations, fingerprint clearance card, and NES scores.

When completing your application, be sure to select "Other Campus Locations" to access the Extended Campus Application for UA South locations and programs:



Step 3

Submit Your Transcripts

Submit official copies of transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities, including military institutions and Joint Service transcripts.

Send College Transcripts Electronically to:
(Note: The office of Registration and Transcripts can accept electronic transcripts processed by the sending institution through secure, third party vendors only. Please request that your electronic transcript be sent directly to this email address, not to yourself or to your advisor.)

Mail Official College Transcripts to:

Registration & Transcripts
University of Arizona
PO Box 210066
Tucson, AZ 85721-0066

The University of Arizona South welcomes applications for admission from all individuals who meet the university qualifications.If you encounter any issues applying on GradApp, please contact the Graduate College at or (520) 621-3471.

UA South - the University of Arizona’s branch campus headquartered in Sierra Vista - extends the University’s educational mission to the region’s people, in multiple locations and with targeted degree programs. UA South provides affordable, accessible opportunities to earn high-quality and meaningful University of Arizona degrees in sites throughout Southern Arizona, including key border communities in Cochise, Pima, Yuma, and Santa Cruz Counties. We offer Master’s programs in Secondary Education, Educational Technology and a variety of certificate and continuing education programs designed to meet the workforce needs of regional industry.

Step 1

Contact the UA South Graduate Program Coordinator

To initiate the process for Graduate programs offered at UA South, please contact Jess Kelly, Graduate Program Coordinator, at or (520) 458-8278, extension 2118.

Step 2

Review Program Requirements

Each graduate program has its own set of requirements in addition to the Graduate College's minimum requirements. Program requirements can be found by following the link to your program of interest below.

M.Ed. Secondary Education

Since the certificate for which you will qualify once you have completed the M.Ed. Program will enable you to teach in grades six through twelve, you are required to pass the Arizona certification secondary subject knowledge exam (NES or AEPA) in the academic subject you plan to teach in order to enter the program.

Educational Technology

Human Services

Step 3

Apply for Admission

Applying for admission is easy through our GradApp graduate admission application:

  1. Create your profile (personal & contact information, your previous education data)
    2.Apply to the program(s) you’ve chosen

Submit the admissions application and pay the application fee.

Step 4

Submit All Official Transcripts

Once you have been admitted to the program, but before you have registered for classes, you must submit official copies of transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities to the Graduate College. Students whose names have changed should ensure their current name is included on all transcripts.

Mail all official transcripts to:

Jess Kelly
Graduate Program Coordinator
Academic Affairs
The University of Arizona Sierra Vista
1140 N. Colombo Avenue
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

Questions about the Admissions Process?
Contact Jess Kelly at or (520) 458-8278 ext. 2118

Additional Admissions Resources

For Financial Aid and scholarship information, contact Jesse Kelly at
If you are planning on using the GI Bill® to pay for your education please contact Clara Gonzalez at