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Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors - Undergraduate

University of Arizona South advisors are located at each of our learning centers and are available to help you with your needs, including (but not limited to) evaluating transfer credits, transferring to the university, major exploration, applying to your major of choice, class selection, declaring minors, setting up independent studies and internships, petitions, and graduation planning/processing as well as any other questions that you might have as you progress through your academic career.

Please see our list of advisors below to select one in your area.

Arizona Online

Jill Hilton (Cochise County - UA Online

Jill Hilton

Academic Advisor

Arizona Online: Cyber Operations

Josette Miranda (Arizona Online: Cyber Operations)

Josette Miranda

Academic Advisor

UA Chandler

Sarai Alvarado (Chandler)

Sarai Alvarado

Student Services Coordinator

UA Douglas

Susana Greeno (Cochise County - Douglas)

Susana Greeno

Academic Advisor

Ft. Huachuca/UA Sierra Vista

coming soon

Rebecca Pickett

Academic Advisor

UA North Valley

North Valley

Victoria Meyer

Academic Advisor

UA @ Pima Community College Desert Vista
and Arizona Online Meteorology

Jill Hewins (UA Online

Jill Hewins

Academic Advisor, Senior

UA @ Pima Community College East Campus

Aaron Holley (Pima County - PCC East Campus)

Aaron Holley

Academic Advisor

UA Santa Cruz County

Alan Aguirre, Student Services Coordinator

Alan Aguirre

Student Services Coordinator

UA Sierra Vista

Sierra Vista

Aimee Coe

Academic Advisor

UA Yuma County

Allison Gilliland (Yuma County)

Allison Gilliland

Academic Advisor

Raina Nieland (Pima County - Pima Community College East Campus)

Raina O'Brien

Assistant Director - Academic Advising


Graduate students are assigned faculty advisors in their field of study. Contact Jess Kelly for an advisor assignment or if you need additional assistance.