UA Santa Cruz

Education Unidos

Education Unidos is the newly formed scholarship fund development effort sponsored by the University South Foundation which is a direct result of a newly formed collaborative partnership.

Opportunity for UA South Military Students To Become Pat Tillman Scholars

Each year, 60 of the best poised-leaders, who show strength in character, academic excellence and incredible potential, are chosen as Tillman Military Scholars.

GRE Prep Course Offered in Tucson and Sierra Vista

In partnership with UA South, the UA THINK TANK is offering a four-week GRE prep course broadcast to the UA South campus in Sierra Vista.

Happy New Year - Spring Semester 2014 Begins!

As all students know, getting ready for each semester takes planning and effort, not to mention mental preparation. Whether you are a traditional student, Cochise Cat, Community College transfer or non-traditional student juggling work and family, you know there is much to do to get back in the groove.

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