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Secondary Education - Alternative Path

The Alternative Path to Secondary Certification provides unlicensed, beginning teachers the opportunity to begin teaching while pursuing their certification and masters degree. In this two-year professional program, students holding bachelors degrees will meet certification standards and earn a M.Ed. in middle and secondary education while they teach in schools that are a part of the UA South Borderlands Consortium.


  • Participate in two year beginning teacher district induction and mentoring program.
  • On-going formative and summative evaluations throughout the two year program.
  • Participants enter the classroom as a "highly qualified" teacher by taking and passing the NES® (National Evaluation Series™) subject area exam.
  • Upon successful completion of the two-year teaching preparation program with a full Structured English Immersion Endorsement, participants will receive an Institutional recommendation for their provisional teaching certificate.

Here is the Alternative Path course rotation.

Admission Criteria:

Students must hold a Bachelor's Degree with a major or minor in the field you want to teach, with a 3.0 GPA or higher.

For Additional Information:

Contact Jess Kelly, Graduate Coordinator