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Bachelor of Applied Science
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Pima County
Pinal County
Sierra Vista

The Bachelors of Applied Science Degree in Network Administration is for students seeking a career in Network Administration, System Administration, Network Engineering, IT management or Network Technology. The degree serves students who have earned an Applied Associates Degree, or those who have working experience in a related field. Classes are a mix of face to face, online, lab-intensive and hybrid instruction methods. Topics covered include Cisco Networking, wireless networking, IA/computer security, telephony, ethics, budgeting, supervising work teams, research, statistics and technical writing, ensuring that you leave the program ready to work in the field.

The Network Administration program requires a supplemental program application in addition to admission to The University of Arizona. The minimum entrance requirements include:

  • Minimum 2.5 GPA in your most recent 60 units
  • AAS degree or employment background in Network Administration or IT field
  • Resume
  • Goal Statement

If you do not have an AAS in Networking or other IT experience, some of the following courses at Pima College, Cochise College, or Central Arizona College, or similar courses at other institutions, are advised to be completed before applying for admission:

  • Pima: CIS 119, 134, 170, 171, 172, 173
  • Cochise: CIS 150, 160, 232, 236, 238, 266
  • Central Arizona College: CIS 121, 130, 152, 153

Please review the program application and contact us if you have any questions about the transferability of your credits, your admissibility to the program, or the application process. For full application instructions, please visit

UA South maintains a variety of tools to help you plan your education. We include them here for your reference. To make a personalized plan for your UA South education, contact an academic advisor.

UA Degree Search provides an overview of the Network Administration major, four year plans, and career opportunities.

Pathway Agreements guide students who are earning specific community college degrees. Pathways allow students to complete an Associate’s degree at Central Arizona College, Cochise College or Pima Community College and a Bachelor’s degree at UA South, earning a total of 120 units. UA South has developed direct pathways for specific colleges; however students can transfer from other institutions and should contact an academic advisor to find out how.

Academic Advisement Reports are the degree audit for students once they have been admitted into their chosen major at UA South. The Network Administration AAR contains lists of applicable classes to be used to satisfy graduation requirements.

Classes are typically offered on the below schedule.

The course rotation as currently set may be found here.

Core Courses

  • ENGV 308: Fall or Spring (typically online)
  • ENGV 306 or ENGV 380: Fall or Spring
  • BASV 314: Fall or Spring (online)
  • BASV 316: Fall or Spring (online)
  • BASV 319: Fall or Spring (online)
  • Critical Thinking course (availability will vary)

Network Administration

  • LDRV 302: Spring (typically online)
  • NETV 371 - Network Security: Spring
  • NETV 372 - Network Administration: Fall
  • NETV 374 - Routing: Fall
  • NETV 375 - Advanced Cisco Routing: Spring (following 374)
  • NETV 378 - System Administration: Spring (typically online)
  • NETV 379 - Cloud Computing: Fall (typically online)
  • NETV 404 - IT Budgeting: Fall (typically hybrid)
  • NETV 498 - IT Project Management: Spring (typically hybrid)

Note that courses may be scheduled more frequently if student demand warrants. Classes typically need at seven students enrolled at least one week before the start of the semester to run as scheduled.

Teaching Faculty